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What is SEO?

SEO is the dynamic practice of optimizing a website by improving its internal and external aspects in order to increase the web traffic that the website receives from search engines. SEO includes a variety of different elements. Therefore, it is difficult to distinguish a clear-cut distinction between website optimization and search engine optimization. In fact, most SEOs consider that website optimization is a part of their portfolio due to the very close relationship of these two different elements. The scope of SEO can vary due to the requirements of the client. Some may opt to optimize a part of their website while others may concentrate on a broader approach. For example, a vendor may decide to optimize only the landing page(s) of their website because the website in question has a very low bounce rate. Thus, further optimizing efforts may be deemed unnecessary.

Why is SEO important?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the new world order in the broad realms of internet marketing. Why do we say that? We have a couple of good reasons.

  1. On average over 60% of visitors for all the websites are generated through search engines.
  2. By 2018, the B2C e-commerce sales in India alone are predicted to be over £270 billion.
  3. With the success of Amazon, EBay and other e-commerce websites, more and more consumers rely on the internet to enhance their purchasing options.

What are the business benefits?

  • Cost effective to implement
  • High Return on investment [ROI]
  • A search by a user displays desire. The user has a perceived need for a product or service. Targeted traffic generated through search engines has a high conversion rate.
  • Organic search engine results provide more relevant results to the user than Pay-per-Click [PPC].
  • An effective SEO programme leads to enhanced web presence

Did you know that?

  • For every 1 click on a paid search result, the organic results generate 8.5 clicks
  • Expenditure on SEO is 12% of PPC


Search Engine Optimization is an extremely effective way to generate targeted traffic to a website. By comparison, PPC is far less effective than SEO. In fact, according to Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz, SEOs earn 45 times less than PPC agencies while the results are far better.

SEO is an important marketing tool to anyone who runs a website. The internet landscape of contemporary times is characterized by heavy competition and heavy information saturation. This is a vital aspect because the only way most websites can reach a potential viewer is through a search engine. Google is by far the most favored search engine in the world. It is also the most technologically advanced search engine. The Googlebot [Google Crawler] is thought to be comprised of more than 70 different components that sample different aspects of a website that it crawls through. Because of the complexity of the search ranking procedure and the high importance it assigns to elements that cannot be optimized easily, such as natural link building, etc, Google remains a huge obstacle for webmasters. However, because of the complexity of its search ranking algorithms, Google returns much relevant results for its users’ queries. Consider what it would be like if no one could easily find your place of business, or even your telephone number. Most businesses could not continue for long in such a situation.

The same thing can happen with your website if people cannot easily locate it. Traffic volume, if it existed at all, slows to a crawl. Potentially valuable customers never even know you are there. With more than 231 million unique websites active today, the competition is fierce and it is vital for businesses to have an effective SEO programmer that can reach potential clients.

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As a result, Google is by far the most favored search engine in the world.

Almost all the other search engines use algorithms similar to that of Google. In addition, AOL uses the results of Google to power its SERPs.

SEO Company in Mumbai – Why SEO Web Solution

At SEO Web Solution we offer a 100% Pay-on-Results Programme that delivers the best results in the industry. Our guarantee is simple; you only pay when we have delivered first page positions in Google. Our transparent approach with a fixed price for each keyword, allows you to budget for your SEO marketing safe in the knowledge you don’t pay a single penny until results are seen! We rank high on page 1 of Google India for SEO Company in Mumbai one of the most competitive keywords in the SEO industry. Would you entrust your SEO to a company that didn’t rank themselves? Many so called SEO companies don’t!

SEO Services – 100% Pay-on Results Programme

We strongly believe in our ability as an SEO company in Mumbai. This is why we’re one of the few to offer a true 100% Pay-on Results Programme. Years of proven results for ourselves and our clients have driven us to make the SEO industry more transparent. Our clients benefit from top positions in Google for keywords in a wide range of competitive markets both in the Mumbai and India.

If you’re looking for proven SEO services and results, you no longer have to sign-up to contracts where there’s no pressure on the SEO company to deliver results. We keep it simple. You only pay when we deliver first page ranking, plain and simple.

Our Campaign Managers will focus a programme around keywords or phrases that will build your traffic, sales and business. All our SEO strategies are within Google’s guidelines, allowing you to benefit from proven SEO services without risking your site’s reputation. Transparency we consider vital and deliver fortnightly progress ranking reports allowing our clients to monitor their progress.

100% Pay-on-Results Programme 

Our 100% Pay-on-Results Programme can be split into four distinct areas. Our aim is to provide you with as much information as you need, without you getting bogged down in unnecessary and often confusing jargon. We retain 91% of our clients and build long term business relationships by demonstrating results. High Google rankings, improved traffic, increased sales and profit, that’s what you can expect from SEO Company in Mumbai.

Pre Programme Research 

Campaign Managers and our in-house Technical Team will get to understand your business goals and objectives. The market research and competitor analysis will allow our team to put together an in-depth report aimed at targeting your most profitable keywords.

On-page Analysis

An incredibly valuable and often overlooked part of successful SEO. Our in-house Technical Team will take an in-depth look at your site. They will identify any issues that are not SEO friendly and provide a detailed technical report, explaining exactly what on-page changes are needed for your SEO programme. Our team of copywriters will provide the SEO friendly content that is required to make your site stand out in Google.

Off-page Analysis

Our in-house Technical Team manually submit all links. We only follow best practice policies and never outsource any link building. This allows us to monitor our client’s campaign effectively and assure links of the highest quality. We utilize; forums, blogs, social book marketing and directories with all SEO programmes to give our clients a broad range of natural links. This unique blend of high quality links provide excellent long term results for your site.

Reporting & Monitoring 

From the initial benchmark ranking report at the beginning of your SEO campaign, to the fortnightly ranking and link submission updates, monitoring and reporting is a vital part of the programme. Your Campaign Manager is on hand to provide detailed analysis as your programme progresses and to evaluate the results. We consider Google Analytics an essential tool in all our SEO programmes and if your site doesn’t already have it installed, we’ll do so to allow a closer monitoring of your campaign’s progress and goals.

SEO Company in Mumbai

SEO Web Solution is a Ahmedabad based SEO Company Mumbai, based in the heart of Ahmedabad. From our head office in Ahmedabad we are within easy reach of; Surat, Pune, Maharashtra and Hyderabad. We have a wide range of clients ranging from local businesses to Fortune 500 multinationals. We follow only best practice White Hat SEO and pride ourselves on the high level of SEO services and reporting we provide to clients that makes us a leading SEO Company Mumbai.

Web Design and Development Company in Mumbai

There are many factors that contribute to successful web design and development. For example, the speed of the internet connection used to play a crucial role in the design stage of web development even in the recent past. The common industry standard was that a webpage should load within 8 seconds on a 56 KBPS connection. But with the enhancement of internet speeds, such benchmarks have slowly faded into the background now. Another such example is the use of the colours. Originally, the standard was to use colours from a palette of 256 web friendly colours. But now, most web designers use shades that are not included in this palette. The reason again is the expansion of the broadband connections. Nowadays there is a lot of room to experiment because internet connectivity has expanded in reach and in speed.

Online market comprises of many small and medium sized vendors who are not well known outside their respective fields and niches. In fact, most vendors fall in to this category. These vendors need to work extremely hard to make their web pages appear at the top of SERPs. Though the revenue generation process is based on direct online sales in most cases, such vendors need to go through many stages before they convert a successful transaction.

Requirements, tastes and characteristics of target markets

Web design and development can differ very much according to the requirements, tastes and characteristics of target markets. For example, a website designed for small kids should include large characters and eye catching colours. Another important aspect that has to be kept in mind is the general loss of attention span of the current online audience.

It has been found through research that regular internet users lose their attention span due to the heavy information saturation. Therefore, most web developing companies concentrate on user interaction and the use of rich media. For example, a video stream can be a more effective presentation tool in an online commercial environment because users may hesitate to read through a long commercial web page. In such situations, a perfect balance has to be achieved for user attraction and user retention.

On Page SEO

Visitor attraction and retention mainly depends on the site design. The website design is the foundation for search engine optimisation, which is an ‘On Page Factor’ that is used for visitor attraction/retention and most importantly helps to make a web site Search Engine Friendly. Search engines always prefer to see sites designed using search engine friendly design techniques that give a better user experience.

Off Page SEO

Search engines always reward sites with a good neighbourhood. It is important to have good inbound links from quality sites and outbound links to relevant websites. This is done by search engine directory submissions, getting listed in top portals, online press release distribution and by linking to relevant sites.

Copy Writing

A website’s true potential is shown through the quality of its content. Although search engines cannot measure the likelihood of whether users enjoy a particular website or not, the PageRank and links operate as a substitute for identifying the best content in a market. Therefore, great content will lead to better links and, consequently high rankings.

Much like professional design, Content quality is not always dictated by strict rules and guidelines. What passes for “best of class” in one sector may be below average in another market. The competitiveness and interests of peers and competitors in a space often determine what kind of content is necessary to rank. However, Despite these variances several guidelines can be almost universally applied to produce content that is worthy of attention:

Thus, he/she needs to optimise the website in such a way that it ensures top positions in the SERPs [Search Engine Result Pages].